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Renew the Circle! Purchase an update. The fans are in control of how often this comic updates outside the usual schedule. 30$ buys an update for the next open day, which means, you could buy out the week and have 7 full days of comics.

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Social Network updates such as Facebook, DevArt, and FA might be a little sporatic the next few weeks as I start a new job. The Comic will update as usual.

Plush and Blood was reviewed!!

The Circle has been Renewed 7 Times!! There will be comics all the way through Aug 3!

Trying something new in August. Instead of Renewed Circles I will be pushing Patreon a bit harder. I have turned it into a monthly subscription and updated all the goals and rewards. Instead of individual pages being purchased I have set goals to unlock specific days for the month. For example if the 120/m goal is reached Wednesday will be unlocked and the comic will update three times a week durning the month. This will give the comic more of a consistent flow and open it up for more people to contribute with smaller amounts. The rewards have also been updated, for those pledging 30/m you will have access to a Patreon only side of the site in which I will post ten pages a month of The Unstuffed and Memory's Threads pages before they were inked. For 60/m you will have access to Patreon only bonus comics from the Plush and Blood Universe. Your support is appreciated more than you know, I could insert my sob story here and drama lama it up but I can not stand this mentality on the internet, so I will say what I always say. Support the things you love, without your support those things may cease to exist. It is only through your patronage that I can keep this comic up and running. We are all strapped for cash ducking the bills and boots of life, so I understand if you can not give a lot. I don't ask for a lot, just a few dollars here and there. Every dollar counts, 1 may seem trivial to you, but to me it adds up with the rest of the 1's to something substantial. If you enjoy my work and would like to see more, and I am not just talking about Memory's Threads, I mean more within the Plush and Blood Universe, please consider tossing a few dollars my way. 1 gets you virtual thanks, 5 gets you a virtual high five, just throwin that out there. Thanks for reading!!


Circles have been Renewed with the bonus all the way through the 18th of JULY! You guys rock!

In other news, the site may be a bit wonky this week, I apologize for the inconvenience as I renovate and reorganize.

7 Circles Renewed!! Special thanks to Christian Judt for securing comics all the way through July 6th! That is 16/20 Circles Renewed this month, only four left for two free updates.

If you do not feel like Renewing the Circle please consider chipping in a dollar or two a month to my Patreon page. Every dollar counts.


Bit of a site update. I now have a Patreon page. Patreon is unique amongst its peers of crowd funding in that it serves as a pseudo subscription service. By supplying me with a dollar or two a week I can continue to devote the larger chunks of my time to Plush and Blood. All it takes is a dollar or two to make a difference. Seriously folks, a dollar makes all the differnece to me. If you feel that is too little by all means throw more at me. I am just saying every bit helps no matter the amount.

This will not affect the Renewed Circles, they are a separate entity entirely and will continue to function unchanged.

There will also be a Plush and Blood store returning to the page with piles of merch so keep your eyes peeled for updates. Let me know if there is anything in particular that you would like to see from the store.

THREE more Circles Renewed! Special thanks to Mr. Judt for kicking us off for June. Since this next section of the story is a major one, with the reveal of a whole pile of questions that has been building since Fox and Grey loosed Katt from her box in The Unstuffed, I will make the same offer as last month, if there are 20 Circles Renewed in June I will throw in 2 free. Last month's deal did SO well that the 2 free updates spilled over into June, (not that that counts towards the June total you greedy critters >.> ) We are 3/20 for June before the month has already begun. You guys rock!! Just in case you need a little incentive...


I must say, I am completely amazed. The rest of the month has been secured thanks to Michael Stockhorst. He Renewed the remaining 10 Circles and now with 20 Renewed Circles, I will hld up my end of the bargin and throw in 3 for free. This means there will be a page a DAY until JUNE! I can not put in to words how much I appreciate the dedication and support from the fans of Plush and Blood. So to all the fans out there Renewing Circles, THANK YOU!

Special thanks to Nicholas Manning for 4 Circles Renewed!! That's 10 pages this month! I don't have a special running atm but all the renewed interest deserves one. We recently moved and I am out of a job feeling a bit down and useless. May 1st rekindled my fire of hope seeing the fans spring into action. If we hit 20 Renewed Circles by the end of the month I will throw in an additional THREE updates free!

The Circle has been Renewed SIX times this month already! Special thanks to Claudia Wilde, Christian Judt, and Michael Stockhorst for starting us off strong. Also special thanks to Cody Bouley and Richard Sands for starting us off again!

The Circle has been Renewed! Special thanks to Devin Waclawik for Renewing the Circle.

The Circle has been Renewed Twice more! Special thanks to Arthur Prinz, Jon Richard Rain Rachford, Gretchen Fredrickson, and Michael Stockhorst for securing today and Wednesday's updates and putting us half way on to our next RC!

The Circle has been Renewed twice more! Special thanks to Nicholas Manning for securing today and Sunday's updates!!

The Circle has been Renewed twice more! Special thanks to Michael Stockhorst for securing today and Friday's updates!

The Circle has been Renewed! Special thanks to Nathaniel Wildsmith-Chappell for securing Friday's update!

Two Circles Renewed! Special thanks to Michael Stockhorst for securing Today and Friday's updates!

Two more Circles Renewed!

Circles Renewed left and right, check the calender for more information.

Ladies and gents, you're going to love this. A fan that would like to remain anonymous has just purchased the next 10 updates. That's right, TEN updates. For their generous contribution I have decided to throw in an additional 2 updates for free. I can not say how pleased I am that fans enjoy my work to this degree. Anon not only have you made my day, but I can safely say that you have made the day of all Plush and Blood readers. Thank you!

On that note, starting January I will be holding monthly specials such as the one I ran in November. Stay tuned in the new year for further details. 

The Circle has been Renewed twice more. Special thanks to Joseph Cavesina and Christian Judt for securing  Wednesday's and Friday's updates. Also special thanks to Christopher Young for starting us off again!

The Circle has been Renewd again! Special thanks to Eric Held for securing Dec 7th's update!

10/10 Renewals have been made which means, 3 free pages. There will comics non stop all the way through December 6th!!!! Special thanks to Nicholas Manning for his generous renewal of three pages to complete the circle.

The Circle has been Renewed AGAIN! Special thanks to Kirsten Kaiser, Stephanie Spoor and Kyle Cooke for securing today AND Sunday's updates, special thanks to Kris Thompson and Jonathan Bodley for securing Monday's update; AND special thanks to Kelson Reid-Hedge for starting us off on another Renewal 20/30!! You rock!!!

The Circle has been Renewed! Special thanks to Arne and Kam for securing Friday's update and to Kirsten Kaiser for starting us off towards our next Renewal!

The Circle has been Renewed, special thanks to Michael Ellis and Jacob Ions for securing Monday's update!

The Circle has been Renewed and is on its way towards a second page 20/30. Special thanks to Devin Waclawik and Michael Ellis for securing todays update! 

Renew the Circle 10 times by Nov 30th and I will throw in an additional 3 pages FREE!

The Circle has been Renewed! Special thanks to Dakotah Jesel and Kirsten Kaiser for securing Friday's update!!

The Archives have been updated with the posted Memory's Threads pages.

The Circle has been Renewed twice more thanks to Nathaniel Wildsmith-Chappell. Today's and Wed updates secured.

The Circle has been Renewed and started again! Special thanks to Tobias Braun and Nathaniel Wildsmith-Chappell for securing todays update.

The Circle has been Renewed! Special thanks to Kelly McCarthy for securing Wednesday's update!

The Circle has been Renewed! Special thanks to Jonathan Rieke, Michael Hendon, and Arthur Prinz for securing todays update.

15/30 Renew the Circle, 15$ to go!

The Circle has been Renewed and started AGAIN! Special thanks to Pierre Sahmel for securing Friday's update, and thanks to Arthur Prinz for starting us off again!

The Circle has been Renewed again! Special thanks to Michael Heiser for securing Sunday's update!

The Circle has been Renewed again! Special thanks to Sam Parsons for securing Saturday's update!

The Circle has been Renewed, Friday update secured! Special thanks to Michael Ellis and Anira for Renewing the Circle.

The Circle has been Renewed and started all over again! Wednesday update secured and 10/30 towards the next.

20/20, only 10$ left until the next update. Renew the Circle!

5/30 towards the next Renewed Circle! Special thanks to JT Engstrom for starting us off!

Was going through my Renewed Circle list and realized I left some of our earliest contributers out. My apologies, situation has been recitified.

I set out a goal to get into the top 100 on Top Web Comics by the end of the month. The fans have not only sent us into the top 100 but we are steadily climbing towards the top. We are at 94 and rising! And we march on! 94 and rising!

Vote for Plush and Blood!!


Thank you to the fans that Renewed the Circle! I hope you have all enjoyed that run of comics, five updates purchased with two regular updates stuck in the middle. This does not have to be a one time thing, anyone can Renew the Circle at any time. You want more comic updates? You want another week run of pages? You decide when you want them. Renew the Circle, purchase an update, support the things you love!

The Circle has been Renewed twice more! Thank you to an anonymous fan!

The Circle has been Renewed THREE times! You heard it folks, Today, Saturday AND Sunday updates secured. Very special thanks to Jonathan Rieke for Renewing the Circle! 

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